Wednesday, March 19, 2014


August 28th 2012 (2 Weeks before my due date)

After a late night of contractions I decided I better wake Sam up and let him know its time.  I woke him around 5 am and I was packed and ready. Sam was hesitant because I was 2 weeks before my due date. He says Start driving and he will drive his work truck and be not far behind. He loaded Brex and Took him to a family members house. I called him just outside of Duchesne in pain saying he might want to hurry... At this time he was pulled over just outside of Tabby looking for Elk. ;) Lol Totally Sam for ya....  Anyways I made it to the Roosevelt Hospital and and got all checked in. They put me in my gown to see if I was in active labor. As soon as the nurses checked me they were surprised I was in actual labor. I was almost at a 5 and having good contractions every minute or so. I got all cozy in my room and unpacked. I knew I was there to stay. Sam Made it there and now the waiting period. Dr. Syndurguard came in around 11 to check me and said I am moving right along lets give you Patosin?. I freaked! I told him I was not having any Medication to make me contract if I was doing it on my own already. So he agreed if I kept moving along we wouldn't do any. He broke my water when I was around a 7 and then the fun started. I was ready for my Epidural and I mean I wanted it RIGHT THEN!! I waited for what seemed like forever for the guy to show up. Finally someone came in and said he was in an emergency Surgery and would come when we was done... Over an 1 hour went by and I was cussing that guy on every contractions. I wanted to go find him myself haha Finally he showed up and I bent over the table Felt the needle in my back and oops "My Muscles grabbed the needle and it didn't go in right. " After 2 more tried he gets it in and I was SOOO ready for it to start working... Well By the time I sat up and literally 2 minutes passed and I was ready to push. --The epidural never did work....--  I told the nurse and the Doctor that were in the room at the time and they both looked at me like I was crazy... I was still at a 7 when they check me right before the epidural. Sure enough I was at a 10.  2 pushed later and little Tyken Made it to this world in a hurry. He came out with a Dark purple Face. I freaked I thought something was definitely wrong. His face was black and blue from coming so fast and hitting my tailbone. He was healthy and doing great other than that. 

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