Tuesday, March 18, 2014

January-July 2012

WOW!!! My last post was from December of 2011.. That is depressing how fast this time has gone by!!!!

January 1st 2012: Found out we were expecting #2 Due September 9th!


First set of Tubes




JULY 20th 2012
One of the longest 3 weeks of my life....

Long story short Brexdon was picking Veggies across the road from us when a dog got a hold of his little face. We ran him home and cleaned it out as much as we could.  Sam and his mom ran Brex to the ER in Roosevelt where they lightly cleaned it and sent him on his way....... I was sick about it I felt something for sure was not right. He was fevered and swelled up with in a few hour. We ended up running him to Primary Children's that night where they made him stay for IV treatment. It turned bad really really fast. After a few days things were not getting better. His little infection had turned into Cellulites/MRSA...... Something we did not want to here. My mom was in the hospital with MRSA for 3 Months prior to this dog bite. We spent the night in his room in chairs for what seemed like months. Me being 8 months Pregnant didn't help the fact. All the specialist would meet together every morning to decide what to do next. They ended up putting him on the strongest antibiotics they make for 2 weeks through IV and close watch.

Poor little Brex was a trooper through it all but Mom and Dad had a lot of restless nights. At one point we thought we might loose him. Not a fun thing to look back on.

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